Novus is committed to provide high quality products to our customers.

At our high tech, independent, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we manufacture a wide range of formulations. All products are supplied in the various permitted/suitable dosages in required pack sizes in the form of small volume liquid parenterals, dry powder injectables, tablets (uncoated, sugar coated, enteric coated, film coated, chewable, sustained release and dispersible forms), capsules (powder and pellet form), dry syrups, liquid orals, sterile eye drops and ear drops and topical lotions for external applications. 

Products can be developed from basic stage as per the customer’s requirements with regards to dosage form, drug delivery system, dissolution, Bio-availability, Bio-equivalence  along with Complete Dossiers as per Regulatory Requirements in the customer’s country.

Available for variety of applications in different forms such as uncoated, sugar coated, film coated, enteric coated, controlled release, continuous release, chewable, dispersible, mouth dissolving, lozenges and more

Wide range of capsules that are available as antibiotic capsules, pain killer capsules, vitamin supplements, H2 Blockers and tonics are provided by Novus. We also provide pellets, controlled release capsules, etc all in line with international standards.

Safe and reliable injectables that are available in both powder and liquid form

Dry Syrups & Suspensions
We bring to you highly reliable formulations in the form of dry syrup for effective treatment of variety of ailments.

External Preparations
Avail from us a variety of external application products including ointments, creams and antiseptic/disinfectants.

Eye/ Ear Drops

Highly effective eye and ear drops that provide quick relief. These products are available in sterilized and safe vials.


Novus has a comprehensive product range with formulations from a wide range of therapeutic categories. Following products are supplied under Novus's brand names, the customer's brand names, generic names, or neutral labels.:

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